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The mad doctor

How can you say these things?

Certainly a criminal's life is worth no more consideration than a cup of coffee. After all our president is clearly brilliant and very well-read.

Second is that torture of prisoners is clearly needed to combat terrrorism. In fact all Muslims need to be tortured or anybody that looks that way. All women in scarves included. They're not fooling me. Mini-marts are clearly fronts for terrorism. I can tell by their accents.

Third is that you are clearly racist. Anybody that takes a stand against a Black or Hispanic is clearly a racist KKK Nazi. You liberal commies don't fool me. This of course does not apply to Arabs and Muslims. Jesus would want them killed.

Fourth and final is that torture and execution are good business. Think of the money that could be made televising it! We could invade another country. I support it as a show on the FOX Network in thanks for being the only objective, true and fair source of news and quality programing.

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